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More Awards for The Secret of Stone Cottage - A Dual Timeline Novel

Three separate awards from Lindsey's Literary Learnings:

an old stone house with two girls and a dog

So, with it being the last day of the month, I bring you..... The LLL Book Awards for the month of July.

It's been a busy reading month, however, despite reading a total of 7 books (my best yet, I thank you), we only have 4 nominees. This is because, one was a manuscript, an author didn't want to pay for a review (fair enough) & another didn't like my review (there's always got to be a first, & it wasn't entirely favourable, so I decided not to publish. Anyway, on with the proceedings.

This month's nominees are....

'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold 'The Family Web' by Itzel Cummings, Author 'The End Of Forever' By M. C. Stokes Author The Secret Of Stone Cottage by Author - Maighread MacKay a dual timeline novel

The First Category is, Best Antagonist. The nominees are..

For 'The Family Web'.....Debbie For 'The Stone Cottage'.....Henrietta For 'The End Of Forever.....Jared And for 'The Lovely Bones'...George

And the winner is..... 'Debbie', 'The Family Webb'

Our second category is Best Male. Nominations are....

'The Family Web'....Theo 'The Stone Cottage'...Will 'The End Of Forever'....Boone 'The Lovely Bones'....George

The winner is.....Boone, 'The End Of Forever

Our third category is Best Female. We have two characters nominated for 2 of the nominations (because I can ), they are....

Clara for 'The Family Web' Becca/Annie for 'The Stone Cottage' Celia for 'The End Of Forever' Susie/Lindsay for 'The Lovely Bones'

And the winners, Becca & Annie for 'The Stone Cottage

The next award is for Best Plot Development. Nominees are...

'The Stone Cottage' by Margaret MacKay Hefferman 'The Family Webb' by Itzel Cummings 'The End Of Forever' By M.C. Stokes 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold

The winner is......... The Stone Cottage' by Maighread Mackay

The last award is for 'Best Plot Twist. The nominations again, are for all four titles......

and the winner is...... 'The Stone Cottage' Maighread Mackay.

Congratulations all & thank you for some great reads!!

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