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An ancient feud ‘twixt the witches and the Fae of Fairy Island has been going on for centuries.

Frustrated and angry, Everloure McLeod, the 25-year-old daughter of the High Priestess, struggles with her gift of fire. She wishes to harness it for healing but has no control over it.

Also, this is Fairy Island; she yearns to meet a Fae for herself. As the HP’s daughter it should be a given, but it’s not.

When she finally interacts with one of the Faery Queen’s consorts, she inadvertently stirs up her wrath, and the feud escalates to dangerous heights.

Torn from his side by the jealous Queen, Everloure embarks on a quest for her ancestral powers, unexpectedly joined by a mortal companion.

Will she ever be able to gain control of her gift and find true love or will the search destroy her and any hope she has for happiness?

If you like a clean lover’s tale combined with fantasy adventure, you’ll enjoy MacKay’s new novel Witchfyre and Faerysong.

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