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The Lake Scugog Mysteries is a multi-genre group of stories connected by location and the various characters we meet on the pages. All of the books are Visionary Fiction, but with various sub-genres. Book 1 has the sub-genre of Fantasy; Book 2 has the sub-genre of Cozy Mystery; Book 3 is also a Cozy Mystery and Book 4 is again Fantasy. Each is a stand alone, but the characters move from one story to the next. I hope you like the stories enough to try what may be for you a different genre than you are used to reading. All are basically clean reads and do have an uplifting, happy ending.

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The Secret of Stone Cottage Book One

ISBN: 978-1-987813-25-8

A strange sense of belonging. A weeping ghost by the window. Can she discover sanctuary and peace of mind in a haunted home?


Rebecca Wainwright Connacher hates feeling weak. Mortified by the panic attacks she experiences following her father’s death, the forty-something senior executive of her family’s company is determined to find an oasis to lick her wounds. But when she’s drawn to an old stone house, the emotionally fraught VP is further unsettled by seeing a spectre of a young woman trapped inside.


Certain she somehow belongs there; Rebecca works with her best friend to research the cottage’s history. But Rebecca worries she's losing her sanity when heartbreaking visions about the past invade her mind. And as more of the tragic story comes to light, she learns of a terrible wrong that needs to be made right.


Can she find a way to free Annie from her earthbound destiny and move her on to the light?


The Secret of Stone Cottage is the moving first book in The Lake Scugog Mysteries visionary fiction series. For fans of The Ghost Whisperer or Medium, and of authors Neale Donald Walsch or Robert Schwartz or if you like complex heroines, dual timelines, and intriguing puzzles, then you’ll love Maighread MacKay’s emotional tour de force.

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Murder at Mother's

A dominant Matriarch. A dysfunctional family. Murder is afoot.

Martha is furious with her greedy family. Just because she’s going to change her will, doesn’t mean they had to kill her! Gladys, a spirit from the other side, comes to take her home, but Martha refuses to go anywhere until she finds out who murdered her.

Joining forces, the two ghosts try to communicate with the Coroner and Lead Detective. How will they get through to the living in order to catch the killer? Will Martha finally get justice and move on to the light or is she doomed to be Earthbound forever?

If you like cozy mysteries with fun characters in an Agatha Christie style, and a faithful Yorkie, you’ll love Murder at Mother’s.

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Firebird 1st place award for visionary fiction
The Haunting of Hawk's Ridge Hall Book Three


An abandoned mansion fallen into disrepair. Flickering lights and odd sounds emanate from the property during the night. Could there be ghosts?


Eve Hawk, a thirty-something contractor, is ecstatic when she and her sister are gifted a centuries old family home. Planning to restore the house to its former glory and open a unique B&B/museum, her joy quickly turns to anger and frustration when a series of accidents delay work on the site.

When the accidents turn to murder, the stakes escalate. Fearing for their lives, Eve enlists the help of the local crime unit and adopts a rescue Rottweiler for protection. Will it be enough to stop the madness? Can Eve’s dream of running their own grand hotel ever come to fruition or will the killer destroy her dream and perhaps her life?

If you enjoy a romp through the roaring twenties with a surfeit of funny and loveable ghosts, you’ll enjoy MacKay’s cozy mystery The Haunting of Hawk’s Ridge Hall.

For a spooktacularly good time, get your copy now.

Finding Charli - Book Four 

In life, Charli’s grandma was her rock. Her safe harbour.  After Martha’s murder, she is left grieving and angry. Her world turned upside down. The family is pressuring her to ‘get over it’ and continue her grandma’s legacy of making salves for the animals. Also, Ben, her boyfriend is bullying her to marry him! It’s all just too much. Trying to make her way home in a blinding blizzard she stumbles across a quaint inn with equally eccentric inhabitants. Sharing their wisdom and insights, Charli has an epiphany about her life, future, and where to go from here. Returning to the ranch and family, will she have the courage to take charge of her destiny, or will the pressures of life make her crumble?

If you like a fascinating tale filled with complex emotional intrigue and mysterious magical influences, this book is for you. With elements of high fantasy, romance and magical realism
 interwoven seamlessly with thought-provoking feel-good philosophy you’re sure to enjoy this latest novel.
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