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two women, a border collie dog and an old stone cottage
The Secret of Stone Cottage Book One

ISBN: 978-1-987813-25-8

A woman has her life shattered after a personal tragedy. Searching for a safe haven to heal, she stumbles across Stone Cottage. In it she has found the perfect refuge, except for the weeping ghost in the living room. Who is she? Why is she still here? Along with her best friend, the woman researches the history of the family who built and lived in the house and discovers old secrets buried in the past. Will her new oasis be a dream come true or her worst nightmare?

Two elderly women, a Yorkie dog and a ranch with horses
Murder at Mother's

The ghost of a matriarch of a wealthy ranch family is furious. A guide comes from the other side to encourage her to move along. Adamant she is not going anywhere, her guide stays with her to help the coroner and police discover who dunnit. Employing various antics, the ghosts try to get through to the doubting humans. Along with her faithful dog, will Martha and Gladys be able to convince the skeptics they are there to assist before the killer strikes again?

Two women and a rottweiller dog and an old stone mansion
The Haunting of Hawk's Ridge Hall Book Three


Two sisters, one into restoring old houses; the other into interior decorating, join forces to restore the old family mansion. They decide to open a B&B with a small museum dedicated to their grandparents and the roaring '20s. But, someone has other plans for the house. While renovating, the sisters uncover secrets from the past that others are willing to kill for. Can Mac, Cissy and the ghosts stop them before the sisters become their next victims?

A young woman, young girl and a german shepherd dog with a fairytale castle
Firebird 1st place award for visionary fiction
Finding Charli - Book Four 

In life, Charli’s grandma was her rock. Her safe harbour.  After Martha’s murder, she is left grieving and angry. Her world turned upside down. The family is pressuring her to ‘get over it’ and continue her grandma’s legacy of making salves for the animals. Also, Ben, her boyfriend is bullying her to marry him! It’s all just too much. Trying to make her way home in a blinding blizzard she stumbles across a quaint inn with equally eccentric inhabitants. Sharing their wisdom and insights, Charli has an epiphany about her life, future, and where to go from here. Returning to the ranch and family, will she have the courage to take charge of her destiny, or will the pressures of life make her crumble?

If you like a fascinating tale filled with complex emotional intrigue and mysterious magical influences, this book is for you. With elements of high fantasy, romance and magical realism
 interwoven seamlessly with thought-provoking feel-good philosophy you’re sure to enjoy this latest novel.
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