The Haunting of Hawk's Ridge Hall


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In the master bedroom, twin orbs of light danced in a sunbeam peeking through the window as the sun rose. They elongated into the apparitions of two women in their early seventies.

Gladys, tall and slender, was dressed in a flowing caftan of blue and turquoise. She looked around the room, hands on hips and asked,

“Where the hell have you landed us now?”

“What?” said Martha, turning her head to look at the back side of her blue silk pantsuit. She looked up. “Oh. Well, not there, that’s for sure.”

“What are you looking for?” asked Gladys noting her friend’s actions.

“Just checking to make sure I’m all in one piece. One time I materialized; my bottom half was backwards.” She shivered. “You have no idea how that made me feel.”

Satisfied everything was where it was supposed to be, she looked around the room, lines creasing her forehead. “Hmmm. This doesn’t seem right.”

“Ya think?”

“So, my GPS is a little off! Recalculating.”

“What are we doing here anyway? You never did tell me what’s going on.”


Yet again, Maighread MacKay has given us a romping good adventure. Part romance, part mystery, Cissy, Mac, along with intrepid ghosts, Martha and Gladys reunite to solve a current and long-ago mystery. This is a fun filled adventure that once started will keep you enthralled to the very end.  


Leslie Beauchamp, B. A., B. Ed., visual Artist

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