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An old tree with a light shining from a door in it
The Mysterious Door: The Adventures of Ollie and Emma - Book 1


Thirteen-year old Emma's having a really bad day. Nothing at school is going right, and a nasty bully has her sights set on making Emma miserable. To escape her pain, she and her brother run through the forest, where they encounter something they never expected.

When they stumble upon an old tree with a mysterious door, they can't help but travel through. On the other side is a magical land filled with wondrous creatures. But not all of them are friendly, and some are on the attack.

The hunt is on. Will they be able to find their way home, or will their magical journey end in doom?

A sword and the hammer of Thor
The Hammer and the Sword: The Adventures of Ollie and Emma - Book 2

Emma's really bad day has gotten worse. Feeling lonely and unloved, she and Ollie decide to visit Sambata again to see if their new friends can help them stand up to the mean girls at school.

Entering the room in the tree, the siblings meet Grimaldi, the Guardian of the Realm and learn Anu is still on the hunt for them. He gives them instructions on how to find their friends, who will take them to Brighid, the Eternal Flame, so she can help them with their problems. 

With Anu on the prowl, will they be able to get to Brighid before Anu gets to them and destroys all their hope?


A small child sitting on a bed looking at the stars out a window
Poetry for the Thoughtful Young

As I child, I loved to read all sorts of books. My Mother was a poet and my Grandfather used to read the dictionary as if it were a novel.

I was delighted to be asked to write a poem for this anthology. My poem "Good Night, Grandmother Moon" is included on Page 107.

I hope you enjoy it and the other poets as they are read to children around the world.

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