Stone Cottage 

Ghosts don’t exist... until they do.

Imagine – If you could plan your life before you were born, what could that life look like? What would you include in your ‘blueprint’ for life? Set in Ontario, Canada, Stone Cottage tells the story of Rebecca Wainwright Connacher, Senior Executive of Wainwright industries. Suffering a deep loss, she spirals into depression and panic attacks. Searching for a sanctuary to lick her wounds and heal, she stumbles upon what appears to be an abandoned house on a country side road. But, it is not deserted. It is the home of Victoria Anne McBride, an earthbound spirit who has been waiting for the return of her husband for over 100 years. Reluctantly dragged into the sphere of ghosts, past life regression, pre-birth planning and reincarnation, Rebecca learns that love knows no bounds including death and time.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love Conquers All

What a great read! This fast reading novel by Maighread MacKay explores a family in crisis across two centuries- well, not exactly the same family! Upon accidently discovering a stone cottage for sale- one she imagines to be her perfect getaway, modern day executive Rebecca Wainwright Connacher uncovers a lot more! True, the cottage has a draw on her, and pulls up vague memories, but when she sees the ghost... ! It's slowly revealed that Rebecca's past life is closely tied to a young woman of the 1870s (Victoria Anna McBride) and their lives have forever been entwined.

An imaginative tale with realistic characters that uses past life scenarios and regressions, this was an interesting story that will stick with me for awhile. An emotional tour de force, as well as an expose of high society and the vagaries of the peerage, but at its heart, the knowledge that in the end- love conquers all. Highly recommended.

David W. Thompson, Author


5.0 out of 5 stars A Memorable & Moving Read That Proves True Love Holds No Bounds!


​Maighread MacKay writes a compelling and suspenseful tale of the occult as she merges two incredible storylines—a tragic romance from the 1800s and a modern psychological drama—into one heck of an absorbing and impactful read.

Through her character Rebecca’s research on the Stone House, Author MacKay explores the role of women in the late 1800s; from education to fashion and design, to social expectations, to the intimacy expressed in relationships between husbands and wives. MacKay has done her homework on 19th-century life in Canada since she writes about this time period with detailed descriptions of the culture, traditions, and daily life in both urban and rural settings.

The plotline for “Stone Cottage” is easy to follow despite its complexity. The telling of this story deals with two separate timelines, but the details blending each story together never get confused or muddled. The juxtaposition of characters creates tension and intrigue as Author MacKay allows for ample investigation into the past and a suspenseful exploration into how all her characters are ultimately tied together by Fate.

“Stone Cottage” does contain adult situations and there are certain scenes that may act as a trigger for victims of sexual abuse or rape. This novel should be read with discretion.

Whether one reads “Stone Cottage” as an occult mystery or a parapsychological drama, the sense of satisfaction felt during the telling of this story is palpable and long-lasting. “Stone Cottage” is a memorable and moving read that will call out to be read over and over again. I absolutely loved this story and I highly recommend this novel for those who hold onto the hope that true love will always find a way.

Jeannie B. Richards, Author