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To my rabbit hole. Join me as we take a journey into the unknown and have some fun!

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Do you ever wonder about the riddles of our vast universe? Maighread MacKay, Author has lots of questions about the reality of our cosmos. What about parallel universes? Do they exist and what if they did? Does the Earth have portals, so that we could visit them? What about the paranormal... is it real? Can we communicate with "the other side"? I love to discover new ways of thinking. 

In the words of Neal Donald Walsch:

'Could it be that, there's something we don't yet understand about Life, about God, and about ourselves - the understanding of which would change everything?..' (Neale Donald Walsch)
What if God weren't some all-controlling super-being in the sky, angry, judging, and deciding our individual and collective fate?..
What if Life were eternal, and we returned lifetime after lifetime, to meet again, explore again, and love again?..
What if God is the Ocean and us the wave - part of the whole, made of the same stuff, forming, peaking, expressing, returning home, then doing it all again?..
What if all these things and more are true?..
Could it be possible that there's so much more to all of this than meets the eye?..
With a nod to the writings of Robert Schwartz, "Your Soul's Plan" and Neal Donald Walsch, "Conversations with God", I weave tales of Mystical Realism/Visionary Fiction for both children and adults asking questions such as - How would a person react when something unexpected and out of their comfort zone happens? Whether nine or ninety, I hope readers will join me to see where the white rabbit will lead.

Indie book award
IIHBRP recommended read
Spirited Woman Top 12 book list
Top 10 finisher Preditors and Editors
Firebird Book Award winner
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