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Stone Cottage Book One

ISBN: 978-1-987813-25-8

Ghosts don’t exist... until they do.

Imagine – If you could plan your life before you were born, what could that life look like? What would you include in your ‘blueprint’ for life? Set in Ontario, Canada, Stone Cottage tells the story of Rebecca Wainwright Connacher, Senior Executive of Wainwright industries. Suffering a deep loss, she spirals into depression and panic attacks. Searching for a sanctuary to lick her wounds and heal, she stumbles upon what appears to be an abandoned house on a country side road. But, it is not deserted. It is the home of Victoria Anne McBride, an earthbound spirit who has been waiting for the return of her husband for over 100 years. Reluctantly dragged into the sphere of ghosts, past life regression, pre-birth planning and reincarnation, Rebecca learns that love knows no bounds including death and time.

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Murder at Mother's Book Two


"Wake up, you silly old fool"

A dysfunctional family, shifty lawyer, and updated will are the perfect recipe for... murder. Coroner Dr. Cecilia Walsh and Detective Ian MacKellar need their considerable skills to find the killer before they strike again.

The Haunting of Hawk's Ridge Hall Book Three


"It’ll be a snowy day in Hell before I let them take what’s mine."

Estranged lovers. A watchful ghost who's not having it. Amongst lost treasure, hidden rooms, murder, and a surfeit of ghosts, Cissy and Mac must put their differences behind them if they want to survive.

Join the ghosts and an endearing, off-beat, whimsical cast of characters, in a romp through the roaring '20s to find a modern solution to an age-old problem.

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Finding Charli - Book Four 

Charlotte Bancroft is the granddaughter of the late Martha Bancroft (Murder at Mother’s). Grief stricken at Martha’s death she searches for answers to her upended life. Why does she feel so angry all the time? Where is her life going now her grandma is gone? When a fierce winter storm causes Charli’s Jeep to crash close to the ranch, she sets out to get home. With the blizzard raging, she stumbles upon shelter in the form of a mysterious inn with a quirky hotelier and even stranger residents. Once inside she’s forced to stay until the road can be cleared, but all is not as it seems.