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Lush trees and bushes on either side of a river with flat stepping stones in the water

Stepping Stones

Six unique inspirational messages to make people think about what they've been taught. Four of the parables discuss “what could have happened next” in relation to small stories taken from scripture and extrapolated. A fifth is a creation narrative and the sixth shares how to view the Creator from the perspective of an old eastern legend. It is the Author’s wish that in sharing her stories, the reader may open their hearts to the love, joy, and hope presented in these pages.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring

This collection of short stories gave me pleasure, inspiration, and joy as well as thoughts to ponder. Each story is a well-written and intimate illustration of a well-known story from the Bible. Each tale focuses on an encounter that a "regular" person had with Yeshua. Because it is told from a point of view like our own, it is easy to empathize and learn from each situation. Each person follows their own "stepping stones" after their life changing encounter with the captivating Rabbi. I particularly liked the story of the rich young man and the woman with the bleeding problem. I enjoyed this because I am always looking for positive affirming stories. This would be a good gift for someone who needs encouragement or for someone who likes to learn and reflect.

    Jena Henry, Author

4.0 out of 5 stars Stepping Stones to self understanding

Here is a book to make anyone stop and think. Also, a book that is not hard labor to read. Inspirational, relaxing, interesting. And it stirs our innate curiosity: what would have happened if...? The simple tales we grew up with, rearranged to make us think about our lives. A small treasure.

   Vanayssa Somers


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